Crash Test Hobby Rebel


Today I flew the Crash Test Hobby rebel. It’s not a plane I fly a lot. It is setup for FPV. But today I felt like flying it line of sight. I built this plane a while ago. It has a very simple and easy construction.

Crash Test Hobby airplanes are fantastic airplanes for their durability. Today I crashed the airplane, and I was able to just pick it back up and throw it back into the air for another flight. The designer of the airplane, Lee, really prides himself on making these tough kits. There’s quite a few design features incorporated into the plane to reinforce it that I have yet to see other manufacturers embrace. His kits are worth checking out if you are still learning to not crash airplanes.


6 knot winds that gusted to 10 knots. The weather today was not great for flying. I can fly in the cold, or the wind. However when it gets a little cold with wind, it’s gets pretty miserable. I chose this airplane because I do not have to assemble any part of it at the field. I also knew I would loose dexterity in my fingers while flying, and so I didn’t want something that would take careful control to land.


I flew 3 flights today. The first flight I ended up crashing the airplane because I was too distracted adjusting my hat. Opps. Good thing the airplane is designed to crash. Anyway the airplane survived just fine and I was able to successfully complete another 2 flights without incident.

In my flight video at the end of the post (not the first video linked), you can tell that it’s incredibly shaky and has signs of vibrations. The vibrations come because I did not balance the propeller, and I shot it in 30 fps. Makes the video look really bad, but it’s what I got. The shaking comes the wind, but also how a flying wing stabilizes in the air. Bruce Simpson has 2 fantastic videos explaining the aerodynamics of a flying wing, and why they tend to “wonder” in the air. It might appear to be unstable, but rather the aerodynamics of a flying wing give it dynamic stability that causes it to constantly correct and over correct itself.

Anyway here is the video to my first flight where I crashed


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