I received a text message from an old friend wanting to get rid of his Futana Mini X. He had not flown it for maybe 4 years, and decided he wanted to reclaim the storage space it was taking up. I was happy to receive it. The overall condition of the airplane was actually pretty good. It was quite ready to fly, but it had all the main structural pieces ready to go. It had both wings, horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer, motor, electronic speed controller (ESC), gears, and fuselage. It even came with an extra right wing and aileron!

One of the wings was brand new and had never been flown before, so it still needed the aileron attached. It did have 3 out of 4 servos that it needed. However my testing of the servos did not instill great confidence in them, so I installed a set of 4 Emax ES08MA servos. Not the fanciest servos, but I had them on hand and they would work well enough for this plane.

Flight Day

Well after a little work getting it ready for flight, I had it ready within about a week. I decided to take it to the Utah Valley Aeromodeler club so that I could have a long runway, with no curbs, for the maiden. Maiden flights always a bit interesting since you aren’t always sure what to expect. Sometimes the airplane flies like crap, sometimes you have too much control, sometimes the balance is off. But here it is ready to go.

The weather was pretty good. 36 degrees with a 1 knot wind (gusting to 5 knots). Since it was a little cold, I brought some firewood for the stove for some added warmth.

The maiden flight went really well! Here is a video, , of the maiden flight, you might be able to hear me make a few comments during it. I flew it with a 3s 2200 mah battery pack. Overall the airplane performed well. I did notice that if I pull back to much on the elevator, the airplane rolls a bit. This is probably from the elevator flexing since the servo applies pressure on only one half. Otherwise this will make a great 3d plane! It has plenty of power and is incredibly acrobatic. Landing is the easiest, but having it under a little power makes it very manageable.

I flew a total of four flights today on my trip to the field, all on this airplane. I really like this plane. It’s small enough that it can be flown at local parks, but big enough it can be taken to the club too. I look forward to putting many more flights into this plane!


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