OMP Challenger

Today I went to a local park in Payson, Utah to do some casual flying of my OMP Challenger. One thing I like about this airplane is that it’s large enough to take to the club, but still small enough to fly at parks. The airplane has full span ailerons, and plenty of throws in all of it’s control surfaces to do 3d flying. It also has a great power to weight ratio with the Sunnysky X2820 1100KV brushless motor.

OMP Challenger Airfoil
Airfoil of the OMP Challenger


The weather was 63 degrees Fahrenheit with a 3 knot wind. The skies were clear. Perfect weather to get some flying in.

wind & temperature


I flew at a local park in Payson, Utah. They have brought out the soccer goals, which makes for more obstacles when trying to takeoff or land.

Soccer Field
Soccer Field


I was flying the OMP challenger today. It’s what I consider a good sport plane. It’s very acrobatic and can do some 3d. While it does have an asymmetrical airfoil, it still performs very well inverted. The asymmetrical airfoil and light wing loading allows it be very easy to land.

The airplane doesn’t like to roll very much in grass. With the stock wheels, the propeller has very little clearance to the grass. All it takes is a bit of a bounce on the tailwheel and the airplane wants to nose over. Ideally I would put on larger wheels to help with the grass. My recommendation for grass takeoffs with this plane with the stock wheels is to give it full power with full elevator. It has enough power to simply pull the aircraft into the air, even at such a high angle of attack.

Landing on grass without nosing over can be a bit of a challenge as well. I find with most airplanes it’s easier to land on grass with a higher forward velocity, this airplane is no exception. There’s something about trying to slow down and flair on grass that makes airplanes want to tip over. I don’t understand the physics of exactly why this is, it’s just been my experience. Airplanes tend to stop faster on grass, so I find it’s not that big of a deal to skip flaring and fly level until the plane meets the ground, then it slows down fast.

Anyway I had two successful flights today that were uneventful. Below is a link to some of the flight footage. I managed to not fly in frame for most of the flights, so I only have a takeoff and landing.


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