Dornier Do 335

Someone at our local rc airplane club scratch built a Dornier Do 335. He said got the plans from a magazine 25 years ago (would put that at roughly 1996 at the time I am writing this). This aircraft was built by the Germans near the end of WWII. It was designed to be a fast fighter. One thing that sets it apart is having a motor at the nose, and one at the tail. One thing that allows this airplane to go faster is that it has the power of a dual engine aircraft, but has the cross section of a single engine aircraft. This reduces the drag. It also reduces the weight on the wings, allowing it to roll faster.

The builder was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough ground clearance for the cruciform tail. However it seemed to take off without issue.

Quite a rare aircraft to see. There were 36 ever made, and there’s only 1 known surviving aircraft that’s located at the National Air and Space Museum in Washingon, DC. This Wikipedia article goes into further details about this rare aircraft.

The tail section

Dornier 335 tail

Flight Video


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